Welcome to a wiki focusing on the Legacy GT The goal of this wiki is to aggregate knowledge from various sources, primarily Legacy Knowledge is key to keeping these beasts long lived and on the road. Most of the emphasis is on the 2005-2009 era but any Legacy information is honored here. Components of the wiki include maintenance, modifications, individual build stories, and gallery. Caveat: Consider this a one more peanut in the internet peanut gallery and filter the information as you would anywhere else.

 CHECK YOUR OIL...check your oil.....CHECK you oil....Top off your oil..---Carry extra oil....


Subarus have always had a niche following due to their focus on all wheel drive in concert with the tuner culture cultivated with the WRX. The Legacy GT fits a unique place within the Subaru hierarchy somewhere in between the racer boy WRX and the basic sedan. For a short lived time, Subaru put the performance turbo engine typically associated with the STI and WRX into the more refined legacy chassis under the Legacy GT moniker. For some of us, it is the best combination of a mature platform with a go fast engine.

Unfortunately, Subaru discontinued the Legacy GT line in favor of the more sedate Legacy. These car are rare and will most certainly get rarer given Subaru's current tract. I believe they see their performance market solely in the hands of the WRX and BRZ. The wagon market is firmly lead by the Outback and certainly a 5 door WRX hatchback with resurface. Only the Forester retains a turbo model, and Subaru most likely does not see a money maker in a Legacy GT Sedan or Wagon.

The 2005 Model Year (MY) was the only year they made a Legacy GT Station Wagon with a 5speed manual (5MT) They only made the Legacy GT Spec B 2006-2009 and did away the Legacy GT all together in 2013 [1]. It is such a shame. There is a market for performance wagons and sedans in Europe and Asia, but I think Subaru America sees the bread and butter in more sedate offerings and the WRX as their performance flagship with the BRZ as fun addition.

The Legacy GT is a quirky vehicle with more than its share of issues. It was plagued early on with an oil starvation issue that resulted in grenade turbos. The failing turbos dominoed into blown engines. Combine that with lack of knowledge and unrestrained 'mod fever' and you have a recipe for disaster.

As such, they need special care and feeding to truly be a reliable vehicle. One has to be a vigilant and engaged owner and these are not drive and forget vehicles. Get a non-aspirated or a 3.6R for that. No, you have to embrace the quirks, aggressively address the major reliability issues and stay on top of all basic maintenance. This required mentality has created a vibrant culture of do it your self (DIY) for maintaining and modifying the Legacy GT. Thanks to the trickle down of the tuner frenzy for the WRX, there exist significant number of quality aftermarket performance modifications for the Legacy GT.

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Engine Modifications
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ashwinearl's 05 LGT Wagon5MT

Recommended Reliability Upgrades
  • Check oil often [2]
  • Remove banjo filter(s) [3]
  • Stay away from energy conserving Mobil 1 5W-30 and stick to robust oil [4]
  • Maintain Oil Change Interval (OCI) of <3700miles
  • Put in Catless Up Pipe [5]
  • Get off the stock tune [6]
  • Replace the stock crank pulley [7]
  • Replace PCV,*Replace OCVs
  • Look for defective fan relays
  • Day time driving (DRL) wears out the main bulb
  • Check your CV boots, hub bearing assemblies (HBA)s an ball joints for wear
  • Watch wear on lower control arm LCA)
  • Change the "Blue T" for a Turkeylord barbed T [8]

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